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This is the origin of the oldest cosmetics brush brand in Kumano,Japan


The number 1883 is the most important number to us, and it is not an exaggeration to say that it is the origin of Japanese cosmetics brush manufacturing that continues to this day. Over 140 years ago in 1883, our founder Shozo Takamoto, who had operated a money changing agency since the Edo era in Aki (modern day Hiroshima City in Hiroshima Prefecture) had high aspirations of creating a high-quality calligraphy brush. It was this dream that led him to start manufacturing and selling brushes in Kumano, Hiroshima.



A man known as a pioneer of cosmetics brushes in Kumano 100 years ago


Seeing into the future to create the first cosmetics brushes in Kumano,Japan


In the Taisho era, the Kumano region was a major producer of calligraphy brushes.Among them, it was only Tadashi Takamoto, the second generation head of the family, who was able to foresee the changing times and become known as the pioneer of Kumano cosmetics brush manufacturing.He is also documented in "Fude no Machi, Kumano Shi" ("The Poem of Kumano, Town of the Brush,") a valuable document that describes the town at that time, as the person who created the foundation for today's cosmetics brush manufacturing in Kumano.Tadashi Takamoto was called a heretic by those around him at the time, but he still insisted, "In the future, we must establish brush making processes capable of creating more accurate brushes," steering the company in a new direction in brush making based on his experience making conventional high-quality brushes.However, due to numerous difficulties and failures, this was thought to be impossible.Even amid such opposition, he proceeded, through trial and error, with a strong conviction to accept no compromises in manufacturing, and at the end of the Taisho era in Kumano, he succeeded in creating the cosmetics brush that is considered the origin of modern cosmetics brushes.It is also said that the brushes created through Tadashi Takamoto's foresight and strong conviction were widely used among the geisha at the time who sought to be beautiful, dignified, and cultured. This brought the brushes to the forefront of glamor in the world for the first time.


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 The start of brush exporting in Kumano


After research and development in the field of artist's brushes, Masahiro Takamoto, the fourth generation family head, succeeded in developing and standardizing brushes made with traditional Japanese craftsmanship using modern processes and entirely made in Japan to global standards. This was the start of overseas exports of Kumano cosmetics brushes and artist's brushes. 


Certified as a contributor to exports

by the Minister of International Trade and Industry


Japan has always been acknowledged for its high brush technology and quality and has exported a large number of brushes abroad.


 Supplying to luxury brands


Although not well-known in Japan at the time, these cosmetics brushes were supplied to foreign luxury brands due to their outstanding technology and quality. It is said that Europeans' belief that "made in Japan" is synonymous with "high quality" when it comes to cosmetics brushes started at this time and continues to this day



100 years of history

and 100 years into the future


In the over 140 years since the 1883 start of Kashoen, the heads of the Takamoto family have manufactured high-quality brushes suited to each generation. However, what has not changed as it has been passed down over 100 years is our unwavering conviction and philosophy of accepting no compromises when it comes to manufacturing our brushes. We promise to convey this, unchanged to the world in the next 100 years, as it has been conveyed for the past 100 years.



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