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Traditional craftsmanship creates perfect beauty


Kumano Town in Hiroshima prefecture is famous for its production of Fude brush since the Edo period. Here in Kumano, KASHOEN has been producing quality makeup brushes with 140-year-old traditional craftsmanship and the passion of craftsmen. There are as many as 50 different processes in producing one brush. For each brush, they carefully select the best quality animal hair based on their original standard and produce brushes by hand from start to finish. In order to ensure the best quality, their president checks finished brushes.They have never compromised on the quality of products since 1883 when the founder Shozo Takamoto started producing brushes. The quality policy is supported by the fact that their brushes were the first to be exported abroad, and they established a standard for today's makeup brushes. While succeeding the traditional techniques, they have been opening new pages for the history of brushes with originality. "We always supply products of true value."  KASHOEN have been making their best efforts to achieve this challenge every day. They continue seeking elegance and beauty that are produced by Japanese traditional art and striving to introduce this impressive art to as many people as possible.

Creating first-class cosmetics brushes


When Kashoen creates its works, we strive for perfection.

This instills confidence in the people who see our products.


Carefully selected, high-quality brushes


Kashoen uses only the highest quality hairs carefully chosen by our strict selection process. Then, the hairs are separated into three levels of quality by skilled craftsmen.


・SS Class

These are the highest quality hairs in existence that meet all of Kashoen's exacting standards.


・S Class

These hairs have been selected as meeting Kashoen's outstanding company standards, which boast a 100-year history.


・A Class

These hairs are used for high quality brushes in general use.



A body that shines like a gemstone


The bodies of each and every one of Kashoen's cosmetics brushes are painted beautifully, layer after layer, by skilled artisans. The top layer uses a clear coating that creates a gem-like sheen that will keep shining for many years.


The shimmer of genuine 24-karat gold


The gold parts of the body of the brush bodies in all of Kashoen's cosmetics brush series use real, beautifully shining 24-karat gold, affixed with electro-deposition. The gold exudes an elegance worthy of a top-class luxury product.

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