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Happy Valentine's Day

<Cheek Brush & Lip Brush Set>

(in KASHOEN original paulownia box)

■¥5,000- (without tax)

This set of a cheek brush made of A class goat hair and a lip brush made of PBT & weasel hair can be good ones for women of all ages.They are packaged in an imposing paulownia box, so the brush set is a good gift for someone special.

<Recommended by KASHOEN craftsmen Face Wash Brush>

■¥5,550- (without tax)

This brush made of 100 % natural high quality goat hair is made by our professional craftsmen who carefully handcraft all the brushes so that all hand picked hair can touch the skin perpendicularly.

Slender hair ends can gently clean congested pores and remained foundation after cleansing. After creating greater lather against hand, just place the brush directly against the face and move in circular motion gently. This brush can wash your face better than your usual way, and your bare skin will get better. Since anyone can efficiently clean congested pores with this brush, it is recommended to not only women, but also to elderly persons and men. It will be a great gift for someone special.


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